Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hello May

Yesterday Katie and went looking for places to take pictures but
the only picture Blogger will load is this one. Maybe you will get one a day. I don't know. I thought it was because I was so upset yesterday evening that I could not get it to work. Well I am fine tonight and it still won't.

My sister said we could come visit and we want to see them so bad. My BIL is not doing so well and it is important for us to see them. I was trying to make plane reservations last night. We will be going the 22nd. to the 29th. of this month.

So to my alphabet description of myself -
N is for Nice.
At least I think I am, I try hard.

Maybe more pictures tomorrow.



  1. This blogger thing about photos not loading and other things that I've heard others have problems with is a real pain. And yes, you ARE nice! Glad you are getting to go see your sister and BIL. I hope your visit goes well. Some things just should not be put off especially if he is ill. Hugs to you, Lea.

  2. Perhaps you would have better luck loading pictures on your Facebook page. Sorry to read about your b-in-l, but hope you can have a safe trip and a good visit with your sis and him!! Hugs ... Marcia in CO