Sunday, April 1, 2012

Not An April Fool

Bob looked out our bedroom window and low and behold, there were 3 horses in our yard eating. The wind had blown the panels over. This is Peanut. He was chomping away at the green grass that has sprung up.
And, Rusty and Cody eating away too. Bob went down and fixed the panel and they went right back where they belonged.

Peanut came right up to us and said HI. This new grass is good. Then he ran right after the other two. No big trauma for anyone. I know they had not been out there long. I had looked within the half hour but they were sure happy to have the grass.

Sage and Ditto in the back ground wishing they were out there with them.

On the 23rd. I will have been blogging 4 years. Everyone who comments between now and then will win a prize. It will be a surprise but you will like it. Everyone who comments will get their name and I will draw after 5 our time on the 23rd.

God played an April Fool joke on us. When we left for church it was snowing. It turned to a real downpour. This afternoon was clear though. Tomorrow is predicted no rain so maybe I can ride. That would be great.



  1. Funny! Mother Nature has a real sense of humor, doesn't she--wind, rain and snow just aren't very funny though.

    My sister emailed us this morning and congratulated us on a new grandbaby. We looked on facebook and my husband's daughter announced the birth of a new baby boy! He called her--shocked--because he due date isn't for three more weeks and she said, "April Fools!" That was a good one....and truly funny!

  2. Our weather has been totally weird, also...we did not really have a winter. Guess that means a triple dose of skeeters and fleas. Lovely. Wish someone could explain to me WHY we have them, ticks and poison ivy. Soon enough you will be dealing with the lovely exercise called shedding!!!

  3. Happy 4 years blogging here, Lea! I'm so glad I found your blog. Wish our Backroad Chronicles Joy would be back soon. It was thru hers that I found yours. I've really enjoyed reading about your life and horse adventures. Do you and Bob take in horses specifically to train them for others...horser whisperers like? From today's pictures, I can get a good idea what your spread looks like.

  4. Happy April to you Lea!! I agree about March - good riddance!! We too, have had record rainfall and have so much mud, muck and flooding - yuck! Sure am looking forward to warm days and sunshine. Haven't been able to do much more than groom the horses in a while, but at least that's something. God willing, I'll be getting on Eagle soon! I'm excited, but nervous too. He's a kind, sensible horse, so if I can get my nerves under control, I'm sure all will be fine. :) Sounds like you've been busy, glad to see you got to visit with your friend, nice surprise! Got all caught up on your blog today, sorry I haven't been around lately. LOVE that rug - it's beautiful! If I had $$ to spare, I'd snatch it up in a heartbeat. That's right up my alley! My car broke down last week, had to be towed home and now it sits. Driving the truck is eating me up in fuel, but at least it's running. An uninsured guy hit me in a parking lot last week too, got all caught up on yearly doctor visits and such...all done now, that feels good. Too busy, too many projects and never enough $$, time or energy for them all. But that's just life, I guess! We have many blessings too, just need to keep counting them. Hope you have a wonderful Easter and maybe some sunshine soon! Love & blessings to you and yours!!

  5. I would love to be entered in your drawing. You know how much I enjoy reading about all your animals. Hope your weather improves. It is a lovely spring day here today. Happy Easter.

  6. Four years already! That's quite a milestone.

    I thought Cody went to a new home last year? Or am I getting him mixed up with someone else?

    The escapees sure do look happy to be munching on the new grass. :)

  7. Obviously they believe that old saying "the grass is greener on the other side.". :). Blessings, Marlene