Saturday, March 31, 2012

Good Bye March

My latest crocheted rug. Its for sale. 50.00 plus 5.00 shipping unless you are local. It is 5' by 28". I finished it yesterday. Sure would like to sell it.
An awful picture of Sage. He head is not that large nor her body that small. In a break in our weather today I brought her in and tried to get some of the mud off of her. She seemed to like it but I am sure she rolled in it again when I turned her back out. That seems to be a favorite.

Our old Maggie. She lays like that in her bed. She is such a good old girl.

Knobby is our newest calf. He is just going to be a bottle baby. He is a cutie isn't he.

Hershey wondering what I was doing.

Can't remember what Katie calls this kitty. He is a nice kitty but not tame.

I am not going to be sad that March is already over. The weather has been dreadful. I guess April is going to start out the same. My mares are tired of being stalled so much but they have no shelter. We turned Peanut out with Rusty and Cody today. They seem to be tolerant of the young guy.


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  1. That one is caterpillar. Cuz he looks like a fuzzy caterpillar lol