Friday, April 6, 2012

Bananna Belt, I think

Today Bob was cleaning pens so Rusty, Cody and Peanut in the arena with Ditto and Sage. Peanut and Rusty exploring the arena

Sage and Cody looking for something to eat. Not in there will they find grass.

Ditto looking at like what the heck are they doing. She did not take part in their cavorting around.

Sage and Rusty getting acquainted.

We went into Airway Heights to Walmart this afternoon and when we got there it was snowing and the ground was white. Not a drop fell here. It was cold but not a drop of snow. I am so glad. I was going to ride but Bob said he was going to put the other horses in the arena so I didn't but t o m o r r o w.

E is for ENERGETIC. Most of the time anyway. I am also eager for summer to get here.

I still have a surprise for a commenter. Andrea is wondering? Are you. Every time you comment until 5 our time on the 23rd. gets into the drawing.

Its Friday and Sundays coming.

Resurrection Day


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  1. I can't say I'm energetic right now Lea - lazy is more like it! :) blessings, marlene