Tuesday, April 3, 2012

B is for Blessed

And I am.


For man reasons but today the main thing is my wonderful horse, Sage. I rode her today in the arena not attached to a lead line or anything. Just she and I. I refused to ride her in the round pen anymore. Bob first put a long line on her and walked beside her, then he took it off and just walked along and then he stood in the center and she just did what ever I asked her to do. It was really awesome. She walks out almost like a Walking horse. She has a long comfy stride. Oh it was wonderful.

There are many reasons for my blessedness. My husband of almost 55 years, my 6 children, my assurances that 2 of them are in heaven, Our 17 grand children, 7 great grand babies, my wonderful friends, some since childhood, my church family and living our dream.

Katie and I went shopping today for her some maternity clothes, she is popping our, some sewing things I needed, a trip to the used book store and to Big R for some things. We had a great time. She shared her Cadbury chocolate with me and then I remembered I had given up chocolate for Lent. Lord I am sorry but it sure was good.

Other than riding which I have already articulated about, that was my day.



  1. Oh no! Im sorry!!! You had told me that too! I guess we botg forgot!!! Lol but boy oh boy.. ya... that was some dang good chocolate lol

  2. Wonderful blessings indeed, Lea! Wow, the day sounded perfect; between riding Sage and shopping with Katie, you must have been walking on air. It poured down rain last night here, so hope you didn't get too much, if any, 'cause you need more good riding days!