Wednesday, April 4, 2012

And the next day...................

It snowed....................

The poor robins were looking for food.

There was a woodpecker in the tree but could not get a picture of it. I needed my long lens and it would have been gone by the time I changed to it.

What an awful thing to wake up to after yesterday.

What a dreary day.

C is for CARING

I am a caring person. I care about my family, my friends, my animals. I get upset when its not returned, know what I mean. I am also a Christian.

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  1. That woodpecker was at our house monday in our tree in the back pecking.. for bugs i suppose.

  2. I think if I saw that I would forget I am 58 years old and throw a 2-yr-old fit!! We have been in spring for a month and if we even had a frost it would be a disaster.

  3. I get two kinds of woodpeckers that visit my suet feeders. The red headed with black/white feathers (Downey I think) and the Flickers.
    Haven't had any snow for about 2 weeks. Fingers crossed! Supposedly we might get some (weather Widget says) either today or Friday....we'll see. Don't expect it would be for more than a quick drop then melt thought. Hang in there!

  4. Just was reading your book list. When do you find time to read and do all the things you do? Happy Easter to you and your family.