Thursday, February 2, 2012

I was going through more old pictures and came upon a picture of my Daddy. I don't know the year but I am sure it was at Longbeach, WA. I love the picture.

This evening I went in to visit Debbie on my way to the monthly Meeting of the North East Zone. She looked good. She was sitting up in a chair. She is uncomfortable but not pushing the pain med button often enough. A stubborn one she is. Her color was good and she was getting ready to have supper but she has already told them she wouldn't eat it. She thought she would go home tomorrow but the doctor said Saturday or Sunday and she was really quite irritated by that. She had a mind set of going home tomorrow.

The meeting was good but they let other people come in there to eat and they were not thoughtful at all and laughed and talked and it was hard to hear the president or anyone speaking. That is irritating to me. We had a really good turnout though. For that I was glad.


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  1. That is a pic of our Dad on our parents honeymoon. Glad Debbie is doing good.