Friday, February 3, 2012

Happy Birthday Steven

Steve's birthday is today. He got the best present in the world with Debbie's news on Wednesday. He sure was a cute little guy wasn't he.

A few months ago. He is our first born. Love you lots Steven.

I spent some time with my spotted girls today. First of all I took Sage next door on the start of our walk about. Other than the ice she got frightened on she did that part wonderful. Then we walked down to Shannon's - about half a mile - along the road. She did not like the cars coming towards her. She reared up and did a little dance but did not try to get out of my control. When we got to Shannon's she got a little excited about all her horses and mules. When they settled down so did she. She just stood there and let us talk and pet on her and let Shannon's dogs run around her. We had a little more excitement coming home. Cars coming up behind her made her nervous. When they slowed down she was OK but when they just went zipping by she didn't like it much. But all in all we had a great time walking on our most beautiful day. Not warm but not ice chilling cold either. Sunday, Shannon is going to pony her off her mule. He is good at that. I will ride along on either Raven or Pepper. Both of them need some exercise.

Went to see Debbie this morning after I went and and got my new glasses. I am not sure I like them at all. It will take some getting used to. Debbie looked good, she had had a shower and washed her hair and was kind of tired but was feeling much better. They removed her IV and she was glad to get rid of that even though they left the thingy in her hand. I believe she will go home tomorrow.


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