Sunday, February 19, 2012

Goat Day

Me yesterday at Ryans party.
My Raspberry that tried to come in the back door with the dogs. She was quite upset when I would not let her in too. What a sweet little goat she is.

This mama had quadruplets. This is two of them. The back one can't quite stand up yet. His legs were apparently straight out behind him in utero and its taking a bit to get him straighted out. Shannon says he is better and if she stands him up on them he now can stand there so he will be OK.

The other half of the quads. This mama had quads too and they all died so she took these two just fine. Sota is Shannons best producing goat I think.

Shannons cat Barney - he lives in the BARN LOL. He came from here and was snow white when he was born but now he is kind of silver color.

Twin babies

The baby goats are so cute and we had fun looking and taking pictures. It was a nice enough day although the wind is blowing and that made it feel colder, especially with the fallen snow.

Hope your weekend was wonderful.



  1. Such a nice picture of you. And Raspberry I bet it was hard to let her in. Of course I don't know what goats do when in the house? Could get kind of rowdy I guess. I love the pictures of your baby goats. I'm 60 and have always wished I'd had more of a chance to enjoy farm type life. Best to you and yours.