Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Got A Date

Finally got in to see the hand surgeon today and my date for surgery is Friday the 18th. in the afternoon. I am anxious to get it done. It has hurt and caused me to drop things like glasses of of water. In a restaurant once. Embarrassing. It will probably keep me off here for a while. But I will be here until Friday anyway.

We are going to Nikki's for Thanksgiving. I won't be able to help but hopefully I will be able to eat left handed. I could not be a more right handed person. I am looking forward to seeing grand kids and greats too. We have not done that in a while.

I am worrying about Sage and what will happen with her. I won't be able to work with her for 6 weeks. That makes me sad.

Please pray for our extended family. Our family has been touched by cancer and it does not look too promising. We are shaken and scared but standing together in comfort and prayer. Thank you Nikki for putting it into words for me. I have been wondering what to say. I won't talk about it much but do please pray for us all as we deal with this.



  1. Glad to hear your surgery is scheduled, Lea. Its hard to be right handed and hobbled like that. I'm sure after its done that you will be on the way to having your right hand back. Prayers for your family will be coming from all your friends and family. Sage will be OK, I'm sure. You will do alot of loving on her so she will be happy with that. She's a smart girl.

  2. Will keep you all in our prayers Lea. Sure am glad to hear you're going to get your hand taken care of, that will be so much better for you once it's done and over with. Don't worry about Sage, she just gets a little vacation that's all. When you're all better, you can just pick up where you left off. She'll have missed you!

  3. Thank goodness it's scheduled! I know you dread it but you need to do it. I have lifted you up this afternoon asking God for quick healing and freedom from pain. blessings, marlene

  4. I read about your hand on your current blog post so backtracked here to read what's going on. I hope you heal up quick, and I do think Sage will remember everything. I took time off with Beautiful and when we started back it was like we'd done it the day before. They get full of themselves in winter though. Congratulations on getting the house next door, too!