Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Last night I had just gone to bed and Bob came and told me to get up and look at the moon. So I did and took this about 9:30 last night.
This is happening out our front door about 10 Minutes ago.

I went down and loved on Sage a bit and Ditto too. My girls have a little field all to themselves. I was loving on one and the other came and nuzzled my back and then vice a versa. I did not take my camera.

Today I tried to catch stuff up that I won't be able to do like wrap the Christmas gifts that we are taking to Nikki's when we go at Thanksgiving. All but one and Nikki will wrap it. It would not survive being wrapped up in the dark for a month.

We got some pretty good news today. We are for almost positive going to get the house next door. We haven't signed the papers but probably tomorrow and then the problem of getting the executor or the estate back here to get the place signed over. I thought the bank could do it but not so. Now the process of getting it cleaned out. They took nearly nothing - they meaning his family - and I think his clothes are still in the closet. It will be a job but we would rather do it than wait for the brothers to do it. That might take 5 years.


Getting closer to 1000 Blessings

956. A fun ride in the rain.

957. My sister sharing her heart with me.

958. Reading a happy book when I really don't feel so happy.

959. My new Demand The Brand Tee shirt

960. My first riding lesson in 20 years.

961. Cute little dressed up kids on Halloween.

962. Praying with Young people.

963. Meeting up with an old friend.

964. Hot water

965. Our little ceramic heater

966. Rebock walking shoes

967. Even though its expensive any more, gas for our car.

968. Ribbons for little girls hair

969. A friend to drive to Yakima with

970. Naps on a grey day

971. Penuche frosting

972. Hot spiced cider

973. School pictures

974. Chemo when its a life extender

975. Bob home from Oregon safely

976. Mary's face when her baby horse arrived.

977. Windex

978. Technology so keeping in touch with over sea friends possible

979. Born in the USA

980. A small town bank that knows you by first names.

981. A full moon

982. Reading glasses

983. Being married to a veteran.

984. WSH convention was awesome

985. Knowing that our family is being prayed for.

986. Antebellum homes in the south.

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