Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday Over !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On a foggy morning
Katie and Sheya on Sequoia

A couple of old ladies

Green grass, happy horses


Katie on Abby

Love those ears.

And the soft noses.

Memorial service over. Bob spoke, it would have been nice to have known ahead of time. He did it OK. He did his mothers graveside service to I knew he could do it. He was prepared that time however. The lunch went well. Most of the people at the service stopped by. I was glad. We do have left over food though. I know what we will be eating.

Poor Sage has been neglected for two days now. Tomorrow I am going to get back to her and maybe ride her. I left her in the arena tonight and fed her a good chunk of hay. She misses her pasture friends though. Maybe tomorrow I will get more pictures of her or up to date things. This was a day I have wanted over for a couple of weeks.


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