Thursday, November 3, 2011


Tyler working with Liberty. Liberty now belongs to Cameron.

A mustang filly that we fostered and gentled. We named her Nellie.

A man in winter.


Mustang coming home for the last time. We sold him 3x and bought him back each time. He isn't going anywhere again.

No horse time time today. This evening we had a Northeast Zone Horse Club meeting. Not long and a lot of noise from the next room. Am ready for tomorrow. I will be glad when it is over.



  1. having trouble with comments. lost my big old message. grrr

  2. Crap Leah, don't know why but my first comment was lost, but the test one published. Had a lousy session with Eagle after bragging on him. Figures, huh? He basicaly said nope, I'm done and you can't make me. Well, I did make him and felt lousy all day about it. Spent a lot of time reading in my Bill Dorrance book, True horsemanship through feel and am going to add variety instead of so much lunging. Eagle says he's learned that and sees no point in doing so much of it anymore. Guess he's got a point...I'm going to work more in-hand on basics of getting him real soft and work on freeing up his hindquarters and lateral flexion in his iron neck. He's tense and stiff in his movements, and that's not a good place to work from. Thanks for listening, sure wish you were closer so we could work together. Give Sage a scratch for me and take care my friend.