Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Good Ride

Coyote Ice Cream aka Cody. He needs a new home and new person. His owner has turned all his paperwork over to me. She can no longer pay his board. Hasn't since April. She lost her job about 2 1/2 years ago and her unemployment has run out. She is losing her house and needs someone who will love Cody to take him. No cost, free if we know its a good home. I promised her that.

He is not broken to ride but is very gentle and leads well. He stands good for his feet. She had a saddle on him and layed across it about a year ago. He is sweet and gentle. I would call him a chocolate palomino except his mane and tail are getting darker. He is about 7 I believe.

Emma is going home over the next few days. Her owner has a chute that we are going to try to get a halter on her. He said he would not put her down so home she is going. She just has no trust and we have made little or no progress with her. She is just as spooky and wild as when she came. We feel totally failures about her.

No pictures but I rode Sage with Bob having just the end of the lead rope around the hitch rail. She is getting bored with this. I swear tomorrow I will take her in the round pen and get on her. Bob is just so afraid I will get hurt. I am not afraid at all and she is very relaxed about the entire thing. We changed bridles today. She likes this snaffle better than the one we had. That one is a 3 piece snaffle. This is a plain D ring snaffle. I think we will be using it.

It was cooler today. Enjoyed that for a little break. Back to the heat tomorrow.



  1. Cody sure is a handsome boy. I wish I needed another horse. I can't say enough good about the horses from his herd. Someone will be getting a great horse when they take him home.

    That's a bummer about Emma, but I'm glad her owner is going to be good to her. She's such a beautiful girl, it really is too bad. I wonder if she has a mental imbalance of some sort. Some horses just can't be reached...

    Good luck with your round pen ride tomorrow! I'm hoping to do the same with Bella in the morning.

  2. I so wish I lived somewhere I could have this horse but unfortunately not in this neighborhood. :( blessings, marlene

  3. I suppose if a horse is truly untrainable they can't be put back in the wild?