Thursday, August 11, 2011


I was down on my knees pulling weeds around the end of the arena which is Sages hangout place during the day. I felt warm breath on my back and turned around and guess who. She was wondering what I was doing down there. I was glad I had the camera with me.
Our "new" old round pen. I have been fussing at Bob for some time about the footing in there. Bob went in and disced it up good and hauled in 10 tractor buckets of tailings and I raked it around and then we drug it and its wonderful. Just what I wanted him to do.

However, after getting off and on her at the hitch rail she kept moving away from me when I tried to get on and Bob got scared I was going to get hurt. I was not worried at all but he is so afraid I will get hurt. I was sitting on the stool and crying. I just wanted to really ride her so bad and he is so nervous. Sage came over and nuzzled me on the head and put her nose on my face. Then I did cry. He promised we would try again tomorrow. I am sorry I made him feel bad crying but frustration got me.

I did a milk test for Shannon's milk goats this evening. I took the training last winter but did not remember too much. Shannon had to walk me through it. Not hard once you get the hang of it.

It was nice to visit with her too and then came home and took a shower. I was so dirty from working outside most all day.


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  1. You're amazing, Lea. You'll be up on her soon enough!