Thursday, June 9, 2011


Nothing to do with today but just a picture of my girl and I love her a lot. She is just fine today. A little off in that one rear foot but is getting there.
Our grandson Ryan playing the kettle drum. This was his last concert at the Middle School. Next year he will be at Rogers High School.

At the beginning of the concert the marching band played one of the things they played in the Lilac Parade. I would not want to march in a parade carrying that big base drum but he did. We are proud of him. Not only is he talented but he gets very good grades also. He excels in Science and Math. He is only one of 17 grandchildren but he is the one whose concert we went to.

Am packed and ready to head out in the morning. If I can figure my laptop out I will still be posting. If I can't, well be back Sunday evening.


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