Thursday, June 23, 2011

Looking Back

These pictures were all taken a year and a half ago when Nikki and I went to Burns and I picked our Sage. This is the last picture of her before we left for home. She doesn't look so big does she? I don't think so. Not to me anyway at the moment.
I loved this picture. This bachelor hung around us.

I know he has a name but I can't remember it. Tracey does I am sure but don't know if she reads this all the time or not. He was not very afraid of us at all. In fact he came trotting not far from us at all and gave us the once over and went to his tree and stood under it. It was snowing.

Another group just eating. Totally aware of us but not to worried about it.

My first sighting of Sage. That is when I knew she would be mine.

I did not do a lot with her today because it was cooler and the wind was whistling up to 30 mph and she was a spooky looky. I did play with her and the big ball. I would toss it or bounce it big and she would jump and then stop and watch it roll. About the third or fourth big bounce she did not jump but stalked over to me and looked me square in the eye and I am sure she was asking me why I was doing that. I just loved on her and left her to stand by Pepper each on their own side of the fence.

Steve came out this AM and laid the edging for the patio area. He does such a good job. Mitered edges and all. That is why he does things like that.

We will be going to see Nikki and her family tomorrow and Sunday we will be going to a 70th. birthday party for Bob's foster sister that his parents raised for the most part. Nikki's little boys, well Lane isn't so little any more, are coming back with us for a while. Cousins are very important to Lane so I am sure we will have to share them. That's OK, Grandpa needs a break now and then.


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  1. Lea that picture of the "bachelor" is really awesome....makes you wonder what he's thinking! blessings, marlene