Monday, June 27, 2011

A great weekend

Lane caught this beautiful butterfly so I could take a picture of it. It was a pretty thing.
Isaac was determined to ride Chemmy and he did. Chemmy did not mind at all but I did tell Isaac we had to get his helmet out because I did not want him to ride without one. He and Chemmy went around and around.

Isaac riding with one hand behind his back. He is a real cowboy and has taken a love for the donkeys.

Great granddaughter Lilianna. She is a real character and does NOT like her picture taken.

Her little brother Nathaniel who LOVES having his picture taken. He sees a camera in your hand and he poses.

On Saturday Nikki and I went down to Seattle to find the Fremont Troll under the Aurora St. bridge. We found him. Saturday was a busy day for the troll and it was hard to get a picture without a lot of other people around. I am standing between his fingers.

One of the tall buildings in downtown Seattle.

Our friend Joanne at her 70th birthday party hosted by her children. She was surprised and seemed not to be upset by the surprise. She grew up as a foster sister to Bob.

Up in the mountains kind of west of Leavenworth. We went on Highway 2. Its closer to Nikki's home and we were not in a hurry.

Nikki and the Troll's hand.

Nathaniel and his Mama's sunglasses.

It was good to get home and was wonderful to see Nikki . We did bring Isaac and Lane home with us for a couple of weeks.

I put Sage out on grass next door for a while. She is sure spooky sometimes. Maybe tomorrow it will be easier for her.



  1. Love that butterfly pic that Lane took! Absolutly beautiful. I think that tall building is or was called the Bank of America might be something different now and I could be WAY wrong too! Have fun with the boys!

  2. Great pictures, Lea! I love those yellow and black butterflies, too. Have a fun couple of week with the kids!

  3. Beautiful babies! I've never heard of that troll before - it's pretty amazing. And the picture looking down on the river is awesome! blessings, marlene