Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Day 3 and Home

This fellow was greeting us as we were on our way to view Mt. St. Helens up close. I don't think we had been up to the mountain in 25 years. So many changes and the growth of timber is incredible. When we were there last it was still barren.
Our first real view.

The start of a new mountain peak growing in the crater. It is about 1000 feet high from the crater floor.

At the Johnston Observatory. Wonderful views and a good demo of things inside. I believe it is on the place where Dave Johnston had his seismic things set up when he uttered his last words - Vancouver, Vancouver this is it. There were elks on the plain below the observatory.

On our way out near the town of Toledo. There were more but that is what fit into my lens.

Saw this along side the road near Packwood. Didn't have time to go exploring.

And then we were over White Pass and towards home. Not my favorite pass to drive over and the road was atrocious. Hope they work on it soon. I was driving and Bob was sleeping. It woke him up bouncing around. Checked my garden and hugged on Sage when we got here and then collapsed into bed.



  1. Wow, Lea! What beautiful pictures! We don't see to see sights like that where I live, so I'm living thru your pictures.

    I left you a comment on my blog. But just in case you don't get it - I'll repeat it here.

    I was going to email you yesterday and I felt you would have some sound advice about DooDoo. Surprise - I read your comment this morning with just that - sound advice. I'm going to listen and even try to calm down (don't panic) as you suggested. [deep breaths, Farmer... deep breaths...] Thank you so much!


  2. Beautiful pictures Lea, but that one of the falling down barn/house is stunning. Oh how I'd love to explore there! blessings, marlene