Monday, June 13, 2011

Day 2, Why we went to Portland

The reason we went to Portland. My precious Uncle Lyle is turning 95 in a month. He still has all his faculties and is as funny as ever. A very sweet man. He gets around very well, stairs down are a problem sometimes but it gave me an excuse to hang on to him.
He told me he would break my camera but of course not true. I cherish this picture.

We spent the day and then headed north to Kelso where we spent the night.

I love Scotch Broom. Wish it grew over here. It is so brilliant yellow. When we would drive by fields of it I would think about the title of the John Lennon song Fields of Gold. That is what it reminded me of.

Today at home it was catch up day. Laundry, and such. Not fun but it was not very warm and I wore a sweatshirt most of the day. This early evening, we looked out and something (I suspect a motorcycle) set her off and she jumped over the fence. Cleared it in one jump. She went into the neighbors yard and its fenced and just went to eating. We went to get her and led her through gates she had never been before and was a little spooky looky. The small walk through gate she barged through and tried to get into my lap and landed square on my right foot. A good thing I had on my crocs and could slide my foot out because she wasn't moving. Bob got her to move and I took her to her pen and told her to stay put. I am worried that now she knows she can jump out what I will have to do.

A thought for the day that I liked - There is much pleasure to be gained from useless knowledge. Bertrand Russell



  1. Hi Lea!

    What a beautiful weekend you had! The picture of you and your uncle is beautiful.

    I do not know why - but I am having a hard time commenting on your blog???? I am unable to comment signed on to my account, so glad you have the 'anonymous' option.

    Again, sounds like a beautiful weekend (and loved the pictures!).


  2. Trying again...haven't been able to comment here for a couple of weeks now. Glad you had a good trip, wish we could have met up and had a cup of coffee and a chat. Maybe next time... your uncle is adorable!! I love listening to wise, older people - soo much to glean from their experience. Me gramma died 3 months shy of her 100th. She was sharp as a tack with beautiful white hair and a twinkle in her blue eyes!! I miss her so much. Hope your foot is ok. Harley jumped on mine a few days ago. Surprised me that it didn't hurt - at all - a heck of a colorful bruise though. :) He sure is more jumpy now that he can't see. Must remember not to stand in front of him...take care!