Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ups and Downs

Rocky. Isn't he a doll. I am going to enter him in a horse show in June. Stella is doing well too. We wormed them today. I should have groomed them but just didn't feel up to it. Don't know if this is a cold or allergies.
Our lake is almost gone, and now the mud needs to dry out.

My precious old Ditto. She is 31 this month. She was bucking around their field the other day and I told her I might want to ride her if she kept that up. Love her so much. Have had her for 29 years.

Otis and Patrick.

We got word today that our dear friend Joe Mertens died last Friday. I feel so bad that no one let us know before now. He and his dear wife Elaine have been good friends for the last 35 years. RIP dear friend, we love you.

That is all for today.



  1. What a pretty mustang! We have had Mustangs for nearly 15 yrs. Love Em, they are as solid as a tank. Ours are very sweet natured, not so; when we first adopted the mare. She was terrified, took us a few years to gain her trust. They go throught an ordeal when captured by the BLM, and prior to adoption.


  2. Lea, Rocky is extremely handsome! That is fantastic that you will enter him... Also, where have I been? I don't recall seeing Ditto before... She is so pretty...

    Sorry you're coming down with a cold/allergies. Try and rest (if that is possible!).