Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Send the ark

It was raining at 5:15 when the dogs woke me up and it was raining at 7:30 when I did the chores and it was raining this evening when I did the chores. Our lakes are larger. March is almost over. Maybe April will be better.

This is Abby. Katie's horse just after we brought her home from Burns. She was 2 I think.
And Cricket that we gave to Caroline when she was 3 I think. Not Caroline, the horse. She took her to a barrel racing last weekend and she ran her barrels for the first time in 23 seconds. Not bad for a fat little mustang. She has a barrel horse that she does well on = Baby Dash. A big long legged Apendix bred Quarter Horse. She ran it in 17.8 and got 5th. out of 52. She is running Baby in a big Jr. Championship Barrel show sometime this summer.
My very first "big show" first place. I hated riding English but Ditto did well and we won the Paint Horse Under Saddle English class. I won more after that but that was my first big ribbon.

Bob's brother is doing better. They are moving him out of ICU today. He will spend a week in the hospital and a week in rehab before he can go home. Bob will be home tomorrow afternoon. I will be glad to have him here.

Didn't even put the horses out today it was so nasty. They were aggrevated with me when I went down to feed a little bit ago. I looked into Pepper"s and Amelia's feeders before I dropped in the hay and the chickens had used them to lay eggs in. I am glad I looked first.

Blessings to you all.


  1. We've had some rain today, too, though it's not been a downpour, thankfully. I forgot to put blankets on last night, though, so they were both wet today when I wanted to ride :( Rode Steve Holt! anyway :D

    Glad Bob's brother is doing better.

    My hen lays her eggs in Tika's feeder :)

    You gonna come ride with Ken in October?

  2. Silly hens. I'd be glad I checked first too. Don't think horses like eggs. :)

    I'm glad Bob's brother is doing better.

    We have some serious flooding here this morning. The creek is running bank-full and very fast. Going to have to keep my son close to the house until it goes back down.

  3. There are lakes around here, too, but it seems like the wind is drying up the pastures...for now.