Monday, March 28, 2011

Help needed

I worked some with Sage today and I don't know what to do. She is so big and while she never tried to kick me she bucks around on the long lead when I encouraged her to move. She just stands and looks at me until I wiggle the little whip at her then she bucks and romps around. A little unnerving. I wish I could win the lottery so I could send her to a trainer. Have never had one quite like her. AND, I wish I had never given her a treat from my hand. I knew better. Now she is really mouthy. I had to pop her on the nose more than a couple of times. I guess I am whining, don't mean to I love her lots but am really just frustrated. Can't use the round pen because it is knee deep in mud. Please forgive my whining. Bob left this morning for his brothers. Lynn is doing better today but they had to stop his heart yesterday and then start it back up to get it to beat right. He did get up today, rather they got him up and he walked to a chair. He is 78 and its been a tough weekend for him. Bob just had to go and see him. Other than that, doing chores, trying to find where the chickens are laying eggs, crocheting and doing regular household stuff, life just goes on. Patrick is doing well. The other cow we got with his mom should calve soon. And the other 4 cows in a couple of weeks. Hope then weather is nice then. Wishes for sunshine and blessings.


  1. She's a big girl. I'd probably be intimidated, too. Plus, it's spring and they're always more high strung this time of year with the extremes of cold and wet rain and hail.

  2. Lea, will be saying lots of prayers for Lynn and the whole family.

    The only advice I have for Sage is to keep her moving when she pulls her bucking and romping around antics. When she did that, I would up the energy a bit and not let her stop until YOU are ready. I do understand how it can get a little nerve wracking when they are so big and powerful. We have learned to respect those hooves. :-) Darn the mud in the round pen! Most of all, be safe. I know you know all this...

    Wishing for sunshine and some dry ground for you to work on! (We are in the same muddy boat...ugh!)

  3. I agree with Lina and Karen.

    Spring is such a goofy time for them. Even Tonka was naughty yesterday. He kicked me! Just a tiny little love tap - he was being gentle but letting me know he thought I was being rude. I was thinking about sheath cleaning, he wanted no part of it. Normally he's really good for that.

    Once the weather is better and the footing is more dry I bet you'll be able to help her get her attitude under control. Can you just turn her out until then? Maybe she'd be able to run off her energy, and you wouldn't have to put yourself at risk leading her back and forth to the barn.