Friday, February 11, 2011

Good Day

I have pictures but I moved the printer/scanner and now it says I don't have it plugged in to a usb port and I thought I did. I am just not very good at this sort of thing. Bob either.

I mucked out the two stalls today. I did not do it yesterday so it was twice as much. Amelia bless her old heart piles her poop and the rest of the stall is pretty clean. Now my Princess Sage on the other hand does nothing of the like. She is a mess. It takes me twice as long to do hers.

Then I took her for a little walk, fed her some apples and was having a nice little chat. Bob got home got the mail and was walking towards us tripped on something and fell down. That was more than her temperament could handle and she bolted right away from me, down by Amelia's pen and looked at him and snorted. He walked over to her and petted her and I got a curry and he started in on her side. She is shedding. I got my measuring tape (horse type) and measured her. She is 15 h 2 at the withers and weighs 1057 pounds. Her hips are about half a hand taller than at her withers. I took her an apple cut in quarters and she slurps it right down. She loves apples.

Yesterday talking to Nikki our daughter, she told me her baby who is in first grade is being tested next week to go into an accelerated program. He is multiplying up to his 5's in the first half of lst. grade. Can't wait to see how he does.

Bob is fine, he caught his toe on a rock. It scared me though. I knew Sage would not go any where. It did not help his leg however. He had not taken a pain pill all day until then.


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