Thursday, February 10, 2011


I spent all day trying to get on the Internet. Tech support in India I imagine first gave me someone I could not understand. I wanted to ask him if his name was Beverly. ( the commercial ) but I didn't and the woman I talked to was better but after an hour and a half she told me my computer was broke. Oh well, now its working.

I did not go outside today at all. Bob did all the chores and I messed with the computer and waiting for return calls. Tomorrow I will. I promised Sage I would. It was beautiful and sunny today but I missed it. Dang nab it any way.

Amelia will get her teeth floated next week. She can hardly eat her hay. Just the leaves. Bob will make the appointment tomorrow. Old ladies need good dental work.

Maybe tomorrow I will have something interesting to report. Kind of a boring day.



  1. We had Hughes first and talked to those same people from India. If the kids ever downloaded too much, which seemed like it happened quite often, we got "kicked off" for a day or two. Then, we had that big snow and it somehow tweaked our satellite and I was without internet for a month. That's when we got the Verizon cards. But where we live, nothing works very good. We're in a dead spot. :( Glad it's going now.

  2. Sorry you had one of those days...Tomorrow will be brighter!

  3. Your days may be boring to you, but I love reading about your life with your horses. Keep writing.

  4. Hughesnet was too much for my budget. I got a Verizon hotspot and I really like it. I live in the sticks and it is the only thing I am willing to pay for and almost the only thing I can get. It has its moments, but they all do. I hope it works better for you than it did Linda. (Linda that is terrible that it was out like that. For me one hour is eternity-- almost.) What did we do before the internet... I can't remember. Was it... nope can't remember.