Friday, February 25, 2011

Getting Closer To 1000

Here we go:

731. Finding New blogs that inspire me
732. Sages trailer loading lessons
733. My favorite Valentine
734. A Grandson turning 14
735. Home made spaghetti sauce
736. Being unique
737. MRI's
738. New tires on my car
739. Paraffin bath for my hands
740. My horse trailer
741. Cowboys
742, Fresh cherries
743. Restaurant gift cards
744, Recipe cards in my mothers handwriting
745. Children singing in church
746. Praying for someone who you don't know and saying just the right thing
747. New measuring cups
748. German Chocolate cake
749. Cinnamon toast
750. Graders grading our unpaved roads
751. Snowplows
752. An old picture of my grandma on a horse taken when she was young
753. Rose red
754. Katie's willingness to help with outside chores
755. Sages feet squeaking in the snow
756. Finally getting my Christmas jacket embroidered

1 comment:

  1. I love reading your list Lea - it reminds me of things I haven't thought of. :) blessings, marlene