Monday, June 7, 2010

Sunny Day

I will try this again. I have tried to get these up loaded and published three times now. I don't know why the computer has such a problem with me at the helm.Our grandson Robby and his daughter - our great granddaughter Kiyanna May Williams. She is sixteen months old. They live out of town so we have only seen her once before.

Kiyanna. She is going to have a baby sister in October. Tabby and Robby are going to have their hands full. Tabby and Robby are young but they are doing well.

Our grand daughter Coreen Louise Williams graduated from high school on Saturday morning. We are all so proud of her. She is our late son's daughter and Scott would be so proud of her. Robby is Scott's son and Kiyanna is his first grandchild. I know he is looking down from heaven just bursting his buttons. Coreen had a terrible time getting thru high school and we are so proud of her for sticking with it and graduating. She left yesterday to move to Auburn with her half sister Emily. Emily seems to be pretty stable so I hope it will be a good move for Coreen.

Grandpa and Coreen. I don't know why neither of them was smiling. We are really proud of you Reenie.
I did not get to go and it was a difficult decision but everyone understood. A good friend of mine that is also a Horse Show Steward had a family emergency and she called me Thursday AM and needed me to work for her. Her husband had to have emergency bladder surgery for a blockage and it sounded pretty serious. I just could not tell her no. I had a good weekend and made some money to compensate.
Maybe tomorrow I will get back to the Mustang portion of my blog. Until then..........

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