Tuesday, June 8, 2010


This is what happens to ones forehead when you are one side of a pipe panel trying to make the cow move and she hits the panel when ones forehead is close. Nothing to stitch but I do have a concussion and my head is sore. I will survive. But it hurt like bloody thunder and lots of blood. I did have a CT scan and the doctor said it was a sure thing - I had a brain. LOL

Bob was driving his route yesterday and this house is where he picks up one of the packets and he saw these Grossbeaks at the feeder. Aren't they pretty.

My horse activities got curtailed today when I was helping with getting the cows into the chute to be branded, shots, and wormed. One got done, that was the end for today. He told me I was fired. LOL.

Most of the rest of the day was spent in the ER. It scared Bob worse than me. I did not like all the blood and the pain but I knew I was OK. So that is my exciting day. Whoopie.


  1. That looks bad, Lea! I'm glad you're okay, and really glad you have a brain :)

    Take care of yourself!

  2. Glad you're okay. Cattle can be a handful all right.

  3. Ouch! Take it easy and take plenty of time to recover - those head injuries can take some time.

  4. Good grief!!! My cousin, the cow wrangler and she has the scars to prove it. Thank goodness you are okay! Did it knock you silly? I'm glad Bob fired you ... :)
    XOXO Joy

  5. I know a great way to recover. Mustangs!! You could run on over to Longview this weekend. The BLM is having an adoption 30 mares and yearlings. I wish I could go, but I live way too far away. Take care of yourself. Oh! and guys love scars! lol

  6. I think that is one job I would not mind being fired. Glad the general consensus is you have a brain. Was there a debate on that issue?? Hope you are feeling better soon. The haircut for stitches would be less than flattering, I am sure!