Tuesday, May 4, 2010

When will the wind go away

Day 4 of the May Photo Challenge - I ate this was the theme of the day.
See where the rope is broken. I could have easily lost her last night. Made me sick to my stomach. Some time early this morning she got her rope around the pole in the middle of her pen. It is holding up the roof. Her rope was not so long that I had worried about that. She had panicked with her head low and struggled until the rope broke. When Bob went down there about 5:30 this AM. She was standing there shaking. Her neck seems a little sore and she was touchy about it. I wanted to check her poll where the halter was but she would not have that today. I scratched her good side and she let me pet her but she was leery of it and was wanting to leave all the time. She did let me scratch her bad side more today but when I got too close she had to leave. I tried to take the the snap off her halter but that was a no no too today. The scratch marks on her shoulder were from the stick and me scratching. It was still pretty windy today and that makes her spooky too. I feel so bad about her hurting herself even a little bit.

A baby face. They are getting cuter. Never can get a picture when mom's aren't there. I don't think they know whose are whose.
The wind today was better than yesterday but blew today consistently about 24 mph. It is supposed to go down to 29 tonight. This morning when I went down to water the critters it had frozen and the hoses were all froze. Sage needed water and the chickens needed water too. It took me a while to get the hoses running. There was a quarter of an inch on the tubs that had automatic waterers on them and the waterers were frozen. Everything got watered this evening so I won't run into that tomorrow. Its May, why?
Am beginning to get my suitcase packed. A week from now I will be in Mississippi. Two weeks from now I will be in Tennessee with my sister. 3 weeks from tomorrow I will be back home. I hope all their storms are over and its really warm. I am ready.
My bed is calling.


  1. Wow. One step forward and two steps back. I hope she did not learn that ropes can be broken from that incident. She must have been terrified.

  2. Scary! I'm glad she's okay, and VERY glad she didn't pull the roof down on top of herself.

    Those kittens are so cute! I asked John if I could have one and he laughed at me. So I think that's a "no." :) Huckleberry likes to chase them too, so it's become a not-fun place for cats. If only they'd swat him instead of running!

    Frozen hoses in May is just plain wrong. I'm sorry you had to deal with that!

  3. Cute Kittens! And we just had baked pots with chili on them...YUMMY!

  4. The weather here in the south has certainly been stormy at times but warm too so at least you will have that. Today's high here in Arkansas is 83 but Sunday the high is 70 - guess we're getting a cold front. :) blessings, marlene