Sunday, May 2, 2010

Quite a relaxing Sunday

May 2nd Photo Challenge picture - Broken. It is isn't it. The snow took it down winter before last when we had 82 inches of snow.
The wind was pretty brisk this afternoon and it made Sage pretty jittery. I was blowing things around and shaking the roof. In the picture I am rubbing the stick on her "bad" side. She likes it once I got her to let me over there. I could have touched her on that side if the wind had not been blowing and causing a commotion. She gets better every day when I go in with her. She went a little nutsy at first but now she just looks at me. Bob is still the one working with her and the rope. She gets pretty belligerent sometimes with the rope.

Lindy is doing a little better I think. She still is pretty lame. She really likes attention. The round pen is much more pleasing to her than the stall.

A puddle of baby kitties. Neither mom was there when I went to take the picture but as soon as she hear me she was there in seconds and telling me to keep hands off.
I went to church this morning and then took myself to breakfast at the European Breakfast Hause. There were a lot of people waiting ahead of me but because I was along they asked if I would like to sit at the coffee bar. I told the man if I could eat there and he said I could so I got right in.
When I got home I took a nap and lazed around the rest of the day. Bob got home and he came down to take some pictures of me with Sage. We did chores and then he went to pick up a couple of steers.
Have a good day tomorrow


  1. Like your broken pic, Lea. Kittens are cute...we just had a small litter last week, too.

  2. Wow. I thought we had wind!!! Was that a barn/shed you were using? Anything in it?? Sage is coming along. Is there any hope for poor Lindy? That she might come through this?

  3. Tracey - thanks You should join us. Nikkis doing the words and posting them.

    Phaedra 96 - The building is not ours, I just drive by it on the way to town. It belongs to a really old guy. Just liked it. Lindy seems a little better. I have been researching holistic methods of treating it. Bute tears up their stomach after a while. I may have found something we can do. Trimming the feet and taking the heel way down. Bob has to read the articles yet.

  4. Sounds like a nice Sunday, Lea. I'm glad that Sage is getting more used to everything. Thanks for showing the kittens again-they are so adorable!

  5. The broken picture is really special Lea - I loved seeing it. And that new baby (he/she?) is a doll. He almost looks like a skunk with that white tail - you could call him Pepe LePeu (remember that cartoon?). blessings, marlene