Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wind, wind go away and take the grey skies with you

A nasty very cool day outside and I am still fighting this miserable headache. Did do some laundry and stuff like that. I had intended to get out and spade up my raised garden boxes but that didn't happen. I did not feel like it nor did I want to do it in the wind and rain.

I did go spend time with Sage today. We didn't really do anything much different but I did scratch and scratch her. Under her chin and under her mane are her sweet spots. She just drops her head and leans into me. Today I stood with my forehead on her neck for quite a while and she just let me. I could use the stick on her other side if I stayed standing on her left side. I could reach under her neck and scratch her shoulder and neck on that side too but she won't let me stand over there. She is learning to give to the rope pretty well but I wouldn't say she was leading just yet. She is more relaxed when I am handling her this past 2 weeks (tomorrow) than Rusty is after 2 years. Rusty would no more let me rest my head against her than fly.

You can't tell that I love my horse can you? I just knew that was my horse the first glance I had of her. Some time I will blog about my dream before we ever went to Burns. I am not big on going by dreams but...........................

Tomorrow evening is our Mustang Horse Club meeting. We will be planning Mustang Days the end of June. I really like that group of people.

My headache and I are off to bed.



  1. If she is in love with scratching now; cannot wait til she discovers the joys of currying!!! Have you found your heart horse? You know, the one that will stay with you for the rest of your lives?

  2. Hope you had a headache-free day today! Aww..we all love our animals. They make our life so much better!