Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It rained buckets

My beautiful girl. I did not get to do much with her today because it rained buckets and then more. Her pen was a muddy mess. I did walk in and touch her without the stick and petted her cheek. She just turned her head to me and relaxed. Almost a hug from her. I can't even tell you how wonderful that feels to me.
These pictures are all from my new camera. Of course the battery and cards and charger all had to be purchased too. It will take some getting used to but I love it.
The rest of the pictures are mostly cow pictures.

All but this one. This is Buggy sitting on the goat house roof.
Supper. Snickers and Candy. Snickers has such a feminine little face.

Amos having his supper too. Annie is a good mom. Quite a contrast in color huh?

Snickers just up from a nap.

I had to look a while to find her. She was laying so quietly where her mom had left her.

Some how got two of the same pictures here. This is Lizzie. She is probably a month out from having her baby.

Amos watching me. He is a little skittish.
A long day. I have struggled with a headache for several days. I let my hair down this evening and it let up. I wanted it to grow so I could braid it but don't think it can happen. Tried before but it didn't work then either. Makes me sad.
Went shopping today for some clothes that I wanted for my trip and a new wallet. Now I am off to bed.


  1. those are the CUTEST pictures of snickers!!! she is so adorable!! she is such a beautiful calf! lol i love how in the picture of lizzy, Amos has his leg lifted in the background! lol so funny!!

  2. I love her beautiful, sweet face.

  3. Love the little calfies..and Sage. She is coming along quite nicely.

  4. Oh my, those baby calves are just so adorable!! And, you're right - Snickers is very feminine and pretty. I couldn't raise cows, I get too attached. Sage is looking good. She's a pretty little mare, and I bet I do know exactly how you feel when you know she trusts you! Brings tears to my eyes!! What an honor getting her trust!! Sorry you haven't been feeling well with the headache and all. Do you think the hair being up has something to do with it?? I too would love to have long enough hair to braid...I've always wanted one...but, my hair is just too thin and it takes forever to get even sort of longish. I always run out of patience and get it cut. I can totally relate.
    Where are you going for your trip?

  5. It rained buckets here, too. Hey, do you want to ride at Palisades with me one day when the weather clears up? I'll show you around the park.

  6. Sure Linda, Just so I know the day before so Bob can hook up the trailer. We have a big one.