Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Bob took this picture up on Sherman Pass between Kettle Falls and Republic some time this early spring. Love the sculptures. He drives that way every day.

My new phone BUT I don't know how to do much on it yet. Katie I need you. I could text message on it but can't figure out how to send the message. He showed me at the store but I don't remember and the book tells me how to do the message but I can't get farther than that. I am not particularly electronic savvy so will have to wait until one of the grandkids come out or DIL Christy.

So TOMORROW is the day unless something happens. Her pen is ready, her water barrel is full and there is hay in the feeder. Now it just needs a horse in it.

Lindy is better. I will get her out sometime tomorrow and hand walk her and see how she is. He feet are normal temp. She does not like being on a diet though.

Thursday, Thursday hurry up.


  1. ill try to come out on friday with cameron in the afternoon, if im feeling better. then i can help you with your phone! yay!! i might just text you anyways!! lol :) i cant believe you got ANOTHER horse!! i cant wait to see her!! AND SAGE!!! and omg!! i saw pictures of our sweet Sequoia!! ill tell you all about it!!

  2. Wait until you see her. Bigget thaqn Lena and prettierlCome if youo can.

  3. I sure could not help you; I am considered technologically impaired and am lucky I can do as much with my silly little phone as I do. No texting. Have yet to figure that out. My next phone will do everything but wash dishes, I swear. You would think with the amazing modern technology, things would be easier to use, not harder!! One day 'til Sage!!!!!

  4. Beautiful picture! I've learned to do most things on my phone but it sure took me a while. :) blessings,marlene

  5. We use to go camping at Republic with Frank's family, we haven't in years because it's such a long drive with little kids. But he's got family that from there and if I remember correctly they founded a town there...and have family that are Mennonite (I think)...really kind of cool.