Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sage is home

You may get tired of the pictures and the blathering on but I am really excited. I would call this picture "Here she comes" Wendy didn't have any trouble finding us. She maneuvers that big trailer around.
Shes using the drive around the barn to get a good angle to the gate. I was dancing inside waiting.

Just out of the trailer. She is wondering where she is. That was a long trailer ride. We have done it with several horses. She is larger than I thought.

This picture got uploaded twice. I can really mess up getting things straightened out when I make a mistake so just skip over the next one. She really didn't quite know what to do. She has really large leg bones and big solid feet. I will want to be able to pick her feet ASAP so Bob can work on her feet. They have got her more upright than I would like.

She is eating at the straw. We put that down because it was so muddy. Now it is dry. Its OK though and it will get picked up as I pick out her run every day.

Right in front of me. I put my hand in and she reached out and smelled it and I touched her nose. Later she did it two or more times and let me touch her nose. Knowing that is the first step in the gentling process. Tomorrow morning I will take a chair and a book and go sit in her stall and read softly to her out loud.
She got here about 4:30. I had just about wore myself out waiting. I worked outside. Took Lindy out and ran cold water on her feet. She stood in the mud for about half an hour while I cleaned her stall and curried her good. She is so big and so fat. She walked better after standing in the mud. I will do that again in the morning. She has the same sire bloodlines as my old mare Ditto. Also I tied Rosy out to eat grass for an hour. You could tie her out with a hay string.
Bob worked with Rusty. She had a couple of lulu temper tantrums. I was glad he was the one working with her. Her worked her through them though and they ended on a good note.
So that was our day. Wait, wait wait and then hurrah, she is home at last.


  1. She finally made it! So beautiful - can't wait to follow the story as it unfolds!

  2. Nice looking mare! I like the chunkier ones, just like me!! I am just a draft person, I guess.

  3. She's so pretty. You should post a picture of the other side of her so we can see her markings on that side. I like that she doesn't have too much white.

    I can't wait to hear how she progresses!

  4. What a relief to finally get your Sage home where she belongs! What fun it will be to read about your progress and more pictures! I love the pictures! She's a real beauty!! Hugs!!