Monday, March 29, 2010

Looking Back Monday

Today was a terrible day here. The wind blew 50 plus miles and hour and it snowed and rained and was just icky. So I just decided to just post some pictures from the past here. Some maybe have been posted before but I don't think most of them have.
This picture is our horses going out the lane to eat in the fog one morning. I loved that picture. The donkey is bringing up the rear.
Bob and I on a Mustang Club ride a couple of years ago. He is riding Pepper and I am riding Dixie. No days I ride Pepper and I gave Dixie back to her former owner. She was so thrilled to have her. I am so glad. She and I just did not connect too good. I could ride her but she wanted to go back where she came from.

My pony Wild Rose aka Rosie. She is my driving pony. She loves to pull a cart or the sleigh in the winter. Bob has used her for some light logging type activities too. If it pulls, she will do it. She also loves to have our grandaughter ride her. She isn't big on adults getting on her but babysits kiddos.

One of the horse's mane in the winter. I just loved the look. I think it is Raven but I don't know for sure.

These are Wynona Judd's horses. If you don't know Wynona is a country singer. Last year when I went to visit my sister, we went around and looked at the stars homes. Wynona's house is really on the next road but this is her pasture and her horses. The were very friendly. If I had had a carrot I would have fed them.

This little horse is part of a stained glass thingy that hangs in my dining room window. I won it at a Back Country Horsemen event a few years ago.

I don't remember when this was. I do know it was at the top of HooDoo Pass in Montana. We went with a couple of other couples and camped. It was Labor Day weekend. So much fun. I was chicken to ride down to the lake but it was fun looking at it.

A year ago I went over to daughter Nikki's and one of the days we went up to Bellingham for Nikki to get a tattoo. My nieces son Phillip is a tattoo artist there. We drove around and this church stands out. We had such a fun day and she got a pretty tattoo. Sometime when we are over there Nikki and I are going back up to Phill's and I am going to have him fix up mine. I have a horse on my wrist that I got in Key West a couple of years ago and part of it is fading. My sister got it for me for my 70th birthday.

This little plaque hangs in my cousin Eloises back yard. She has a lovely yard. So peaceful and she is very artistic with it.

I loved this picture. We have such beautiful sunsets out here on the plain. This particular one is through the seat of a wagon that sits in our front yard.
Hope you aren't bored with my looking back. All these pictures just popped out at me as I looked through my albums.
Have a wonderful day. For Christians around the world this is the most Holy week of the Year. Hope yours is special.


  1. Good pictures...icky weather here too!

  2. It's fun to walk down memory lane with you and see the sights that make you go ... ahhhh! Even icky weather can hold some great memories! Thanks for sharing your life with the rest of us! Yes, this week is all about Christ and thank God for that ... what He did for us is beyond comprehension, but I'm so glad He did! Hugs!!

  3. Great pictures. I really like the one in the fog. And, Winona's pasture is perfect--wish I had grass like that around here. How do you get it to grow like that? Live in TN?