Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Another yukky day

I did not take a picture because I thought we would have a new baby calf I could show you. No not yet. And, we are supposed to have snow tonight. Poor Candy and poor baby. We are praying no twins this time. She is not nearly as large as when she popped them out. She had twins two years ago in a foot of much so guess this might be better. I don't know. The other cow has a little while to go.

I caught Rusty and put the Shreiners on her leg. Its about healed but still a place open and until that is closed we need to keep spraying it every day. She was naughty about me catching her. I got really aggravated with her. She didn't want me to tie her up to the trailer. Bob got home while I was having our argument. I got her tied up and told him what I thought of that little red headed horse. We left her there for a while and then he worked with her and I did the other chores. He put her in and out of the trailer and I don't know what else. She has to get over this stubbornness. If I did not know she wasn't afraid it would not bother me, but she is just stubborn and wants her own way. Tracey talks about (on her blog Mustang Diaries) her red headed terror. I think we have a match.

Bob thinks he might not have to work tomorrow. I hope not. We have things to do. And I want to go get Bob and small welder at Harbor Freight. It will be his Valentine, Easter and Fathers Day I imagine. Its on sale and he wants it. Its a coupon sale and I forgot it today when I went in to town. Drat. I did get an Easter outfit. Not just Easter of course but for my trip and dress up events. I did not get a dress. Probably should but I don't wear dresses. In fact I don't own one. A couple of skirts. Don't know why, I used to.

I am making Easter Baskets for my girls, little and big. Need to figure out what to do with the boys. Don't think they would like lace, jewels and ribbon. Oh well, I will. I should have started earlier. Didn't get the idea sooner.

Happy last Day of March.

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  1. Your cow is waiting for the mud, then she'll have the twin calves! I'm just putting it out there! Have a good Easter!