Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thankful Tuesday and other stuff

I know the song the Twelve Days of Christmas we talking about religious symbols and it started Christmas day but I had so much fun last year that I am going to do it again and starting today. So............On the first day of Christmas................One dog sleeping.

This is Maggie in the middle of the floor on Thanksgiving Day where we all had to step over her until Bob got irritated and made her go to her bed. She likes to be in the center of things.

Today I am thankful for the sunshine. The sun shone in all its majesty all day today even if it was cold. I need to remember that even when its grey the sun shines above all the clouds. That is hard for me. I am also thankful for the Son shine. Jesus help me keep my eyes where they belong, not on the circumstances.

Chrissy came today and did most of the decorating of the house. I love it. I don't think Bob likes the twinkly lights when he is sitting and watching TV but Oh well its the season for Twinkling lights. He sits in the dark which drives me nuts but he likes it. I would turn every light on in the house. He goes behind and turns them off.

Loving the season.............


  1. My husband likes to sit in the dark, too - I don't understand it at all, particularly in the winter when some bright lights would be nice!

  2. Things are sounding Christmasy at your house! I love those twinkling lights, too~and lots of light!

  3. Come on, Bob! Get with the twinkly light program! =D