Thursday, December 3, 2009

On the third day of Christmas I have...........................three candles burning.

On this thinking Thursday I am thinking about my good friend Louise. She is why my blog was so brief yesterday. I was working on it and my cell phone rang and it was her. She fell in November and shattered her hip. She has had a replacement and is home alone now. She is using a walker We are the same age and that really scares me. We have been friends since we were five years old. We lived side by side. Her daughter Elizabeth came down from the Seattle area for two weeks to be with her but she has a special needs child and could not stay away any longer. Her other daughter is with her husband in Okinawa with the military. I wish she was closer so I could go help her for a while. She is in Denton, TX.

Bob and I worked on fences today. We are dividing the paddock area in half so we can keep the horses separated. Some get along better than others. It was cold out there and we are both tired this evening. I think he is sleeping on the couch. I can hear both he and Maggie snoring. LOL.

Our three steers went to freezer camp today too. Bob helps with that, not my job. That will cut the chores down for me in the evenings though. It is all sold but one quarter that we will keep. They were all three big guys and the extra money will come in handy this time of the year.

Bed is going to feel specially good tonight.

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