Friday, December 4, 2009

A cold Friday

AND on the fourth day of Christmas I have FOUR bits a hanging............................. Plus some other stuff.

A cold day but not like what is coming. When it gets to below 0 I want to hibernate. Watch out bears, I am going to find me a cave. Maybe in my bed with a good book. And lots of warm covers and a rice bag on my feet. Need to figure out how to keep it warm though without getting up. I love hardwood floors but..............when its cold they are cold.

We went to town and did errands today. Went to my favorite tack store - Will Rogers. He is past 90 and still riding and has tons of stuff, new and used. We have bought several saddles from him through the years. Hes a neat old guy. Then we went and I bought myself a pair of red patent dress shoes with higher heels than I am used to but I wanted them so I bought them. We are going to a party tomorrow night and I thought they would look festive with my black jeans and red sweater.

Have a good Saturday.


  1. Be sure and take a picture of you in your new red shoes :)XOXOX

  2. Hi Lea!
    I had a giggle when I read about "watch out bears". They snooze from Sept-April, which seems like a dandy idea!

    I'm glad you bought those pretty red shoes, and I hope you have a lot of fun at your party!