Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Thankful Tuesday

These pictures are weird, I know that. They are small pictures to start with and I don't know what to do with them

Anyway this Tuesday I am thankiful for the horses I have had and the success I had showing them. The first one is Rosie. She not only was a leadline horse for several children when they started riding but she drives just wonderful. You can hitch her to anything and she will pull it. This picture is in black and white but my driving outfit was a deep burgandy velvet. We did mak a pretty picture. We won most everything possible in Washinton State Horsemen. I have a sleigh that I use in the winter. This picture is Dun In Glory. She is a red dun minimal white paint. We won alot together both English and Western. We did not hit it off too well and I sold her after a couple of years to a little girl in Oregon who rode her in walk trot and cleaned up.

Then there is Ditto. We were at the fair. That is the first place I showed her. She won alot and at the Open Shows too. I retired her when I got Glory but Glory was not a keeper. I still have Ditto. She is 28 and is going strong.
I have been blessed to have these particular horses. Could not find the pictures of Mellow Gold. He was a palomino appy. He was beautiful and I alway won at halter and showmanship with him. I sold him to a lady up in Okanogan.
My computer is being funny tonight and the phone has been out so this is my Thankful Tuesday. My weird pictures and all.


  1. Hi Lea ... if you will open up those pictures in your EasyShare or whatever program you use for pictures, and go into Edit, then find Crop, you can cut off all that white space and only leave the picture and, maybe, the pictures will be a bit larger. I hope that will work for you! Love your blog and reading about your horses! Hugs!!!

  2. Thank you for telling us about your special horses - and I enjoyed the pictures!

  3. Great pictures. I'd like to see more. I was also going to tell you to crop out the white to make them bigger.