Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I hate bees

The yellow jackets are vicious this time of the year. When I got stung on the neck a couple of weeks ago it was awful. WELL, this evening I was standing out by the horse pends talking to Bonnie - Cody's mom- one got in my blouse and then into my bra and stung me. I yelled at Bonnie to help me and started stripping. I didn't care. It really hurt and still hurts. I have taken Benedryl and have been laying down. Bob put a slice on onion on it and that seems to have helped but I smell like a hamburger. An old guy told Bob to do that when he got stung out getting hay and it helped. But Bob does not have a reaction like I do. Dang bees.

We were just talking to Bonnie for a minute and then we were going to go play with Blondie and Target but that did not happen. I had Targets evening planned too. Oh well. It may be next week when we get back to them.

Bob's work had a bbq today for their employees and families. It was fun and the food good. I had something though I had never seen or tasted before - white watermelon. I did not like it too much. I love watermelon but that did not taste like watermelon to me.

I went to Huppins to see about then long lense that was given to me and if it would work on my camera. It should but the guy told me something was wrong with it. The one that will work on my camera like it cost 200.00. I am wondering how I could earn that much so I could get it. Maybe Bob will relent and let me get it. It is a good thing I did not have my credit card with me or I would have gotten it. Maybe that is a good thing. LOL

Remember: You gain strength, experience and donfidence by every experience where you really stop to look fear in the face. You must to the thing you cannot do. Eleanor Roosevelt


  1. The bees are bad here too, Ian got stung last week.

  2. Lea, I posted pictures for you on my blog. I hate yellowjackets too! I got stung not long ago and it took about a week before my arm went back to normal. Evil little beasties, they are.

  3. If you closed your eyes the watermelon would have tasted the same. It comes in many colors. :)

  4. OH, I hope your sting is better! A wasp got me last year and you can still see the spot where he stung me! It's almost time for them to 'go away' for the year, so hopefully you won't get anymore stings!