Wednesday, July 29, 2009


A great day. Isaac kept us entertained all day. This morning he was outside with his Grandpa and the rooster was crowing. Bob was doing something and Isaac turned to his grandpa and said"When you are done will you turn that chicken off." Cracked grandpa up. When it came time for lunch I asked him what kind of a sandwhich he wanted and he said dead serious, I will have ham and cheese with a bit of mustard and mayo please. Thats what he got too.

He rode Pepper this evening, went swimming and ate dinner that we call supper. He wanted to know what supper was. We had tears after dinner but he would not tell me why. Grandpa and he went to make smores in the microwave and see how big they could get the marshmellows and he told me he couldn't eat it. I asked him why and he said he still had corn in his mouth and he didn't like it. I had him go spit it out. Poor baby. He gladly ate the smore then.

We caught the chickens that keep escaping and clipped wings today. They are not happy with us. I like them to free range but I don't want a dog to kill them. We have four new ones and they stay huddled by themselves. They don't quite know if they like it here or not.

Isaac has such fun riding the four wheeler to get the horses in. He wants to go fast but we are not chasing them, just urging them to come in.

This has been an Isaac review I guess. His brother Bryant is here too but an 18 year old is not near as entertaining as a five year old. He did some calking on the the house for us today and jumped on the trampoline. Hope my pictures of him high in the air turn out. I have not looked.

It was not so hot today, and it was a good day. Hope yours was as good.

Remember: Forgiveness if the final form of love. Reinhold Niebuhr


  1. Isaac sounds delightful. I love little boys.
    My tomatoes are not ripe yet. The early girls are still very green and the sweet 100's (cherry) are closer. It's hotter here than up there, but we get colder nights because of the colder air pouring down the bluff. The nights are nice for sleeping anyway, but I LOVE HOME GROWN TOMATOES! One day I want a green house.

  2. Nope, it's hot here! My thermometer hit 111' today!