Thursday, July 30, 2009


I had several pictures to post tonight but it is late and I need to get to bed. This is Isaac enjoying the trampoline. He had a good time.

Again, we are leaving in the AM for Marysville again. We will be returning Isaac and Bryant to their parents and then on Saturday we will be attending a Family Reunion in Puyallup. It is going to be hot.

This evening we had a nice meeting of our Mustang Club. I appreciate Andrea coming all the way up to attend. Her family got a tiny bit of good news. When its all been bad a tiny bit is big. We are planning a ride in September. The date we have set is bad for me but maybe everyone else it is good for. Will make our decisions at our August meeting the last Thursday.

Remember: A house is built of logs and stone, of tiles and posts and piers, a home is built of loving deeds that stand a thousand years. Author unknown


  1. It won't be nearly as hot here or in Puyallup as it has been, so you have that going for you!

  2. I'm flexible on dates for the ride, just can't do the 26th. I wouldn't mind doing something in October if September is too busy for everyone. But I did hear that it's supposed to be a short hot summer and a long wet fall. So we might be riding in the rain.