Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Thankful Tuesday

This old schoolhouse has called for me to stop and take its picture every time I travel down Hiway 2 towards Wenatchee. So last Thursday that is what I did. I am sure it has a story to tell. Wish I could hear it.

This is Trey, one of the Youth and Yearling competitor. He won the in hand trail division. He did a really fine job. This was during the auction portion of the day. I could not take pictures because I was judging but not only this young man, but the entire group of kids did a fine job. Both of the yearlings he worked with were adopted. Four went back to Burns.
Someplace down here is the start of My Thankful Tuesday picture. It uploaded but don't seem to be able to locate it. Its a picture of my 2 large tomatoes I harvested from my garden last night. They are large and smell so good. I am thankful for the wonderful produce my little garden is giving me. One zuchinni is producing enough for an army. Into the freezer for zuchinni bread this winter. Radishes and lettuce are awesome too. I have loads of tomatoes coming too. I have started a bag of raspberries in the freezer too. They are so sweet and yummy.
Remember: You will find, as you look back upon your life, that the moments that stand out are the moments when y0u have done things for others. Henry Drummond


  1. Have fun eating those tomatoes...that just sounds yummy with some salt on them. Have fun with the grandsons!

  2. You already have ripe tomatoes?? I better go out and check my vines again. Last I looked, they were still green.