Thursday, July 2, 2009

July 2

A new computer and I get befuddled. It is hooked up for me to use, sort of. We are having trouble getting stuff off so have both set up. This one is getting the essentials on it so I can use it. It has Vista instead of Windows XP and things are different. There won't be pictures until after Monday when Jim will be back. I am not connected to the printer and that is what reads my camera card. So, don't despair, I haven't gone anywhere.

The house is coming along and today the wiring is going in for the outside lights on the patio and the ugly porch which isn't so ugly anymore. I am so happy with how the house looks. Not like the same place at all.

Have not done anything with the horses this week except put them out on grass and back in. Yuma was so glad to get back out into the pasture.

I will try to keep up with this blog minus pictures. I just have to get stuff loaded on this computer and get the printer hooked up. Cross your fingers that it will work with Vista.

Remember: It is noit fair to ask of others what you are unwilling to do yourself.
Eleanor Roosevelt


  1. i'm so jealous you get to do all these really cool mustang stuff. my 4-h show went well. cricket did really really good if she would hurry and catch on to neck reining i believe we would win everything. she is going to state in halter class and she is looking beautiful. i miss you guys so much!