Sunday, March 8, 2009

Snowey Sunday

Is this never going to be over. Spring will be here in 13 days. Do you think it will bring the weather?

Not much news. Bob is home. It snowed, then the sun shone then it got icky again. Chrissy came out for a while. She looks good and am glad she felt up to coming out. Its been about 2 weeks since her surgery. A little on the depressed side maybe but her hormones are all shook up.

Some how, some way Pepper got his stall open last night and had fun in the barn. He did get into the grain. I don't think he ate too much though. Scared me though. He did get into the hay and into the can with the bread in it and scattered it all over. Naughty boy. I was afraid he would colic so I kept him in arena where I could watch him. He is OK. He is mad at me though. Oh Well, so sad Mr. Pepper.

Have a good tomorrow.

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