Monday, March 9, 2009


Well, it snowed and snowed and snowed today. 12 days until spring gets here.

Bob started the cows water this morning and turned it off but forgot the hose in the tank. So, it drained the water back out. When I went to check on it, and the fish were in the bottom of the tank in some ice. I thought he had killed them. Well when I filled the tank, the fish thawed out and were swimming around. We called them Survivors. I thought they were all dead. Obviously not.

I left the barn horses in today. I would not have wanted to be out in it and this evening I closed the barn up tight instead of leaving the big doors open. Pepper wanted out but I told him he could just stay where he was. Ditto liked it. She would stay in most days until spring gets here.

Our newest great grandbaby is in the hospital. She is 3 weeks old and has RSV. She is at Holy Family and if she gets any worse at all they will transfer her to Sacred Heart. It makes my heart sad and I am so worried about her. Her mama and daddy are frantic.

This morning I met Linda from Beautiful Mustang for coffee. At least she drank coffee and I drank orange juice. I have never been able to learn to like coffee or tea. We had a good talk about horses and lots of things. It was nice and we traded books. Thanks Linda. Hope we can do it again.

Have a good day tomorrow. Please pray for Kiyanna.


  1. Oh that is so scary about Kiyanna. I will pray for her.

  2. That must have been what your phone call was about at coffee. I sure hope she does better soon.

  3. Yes Linda it was. She is so tiny but is holding her own OK today. Still needs Oxygen but is hanging in there.