Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Do you ever feel like you are in the middle of a black cloud hanging over you. One thing after another - nothing good. Or an attack from some evil force? We are in that place.

This morning, before I got up, and Bob had left for work, he got a call on his cell phone from a friend who lives down the road a ways and told Bob that a big black dog came out of our driveway with a dead chicken in his mouth. Bob called me and I went out to check and there were dead chickens all over the place. I saw the dogs, they were there with the chickens and I yelled at them and they took off. I got a little hysterical and called Bob back. I went walking down the road to see if I could see where they lived maybe. They were in the field next door. I came in and called Animal Control.

They sent an officer out, she took pictures and we saw the dogs next door just watching us. She went and caught one but could not catch the other one. He is still at loose. We think we know where he lives. Bob will go take care of it when he gets home. We have 15 hens and one rooster. We now have a rooster with no tail feathers and 5 hens. All traumatized and feathers all over the place. Makes me sick and MAD. If a coyote or some other wild animals gets them, they take them for food, don't usually kill for the fun of killing. These dogs did that. Just killed. If I could have gotten close enough I would have shot them but couldn't.

So thats been my day. Not fun.

Our horses are better. Even Rusty ate this morning. I put our horses out for the day. They are not 100% but well on their way. It took Ditto a long time to eat her breakfast but she ate it all and so did Rusty. The other two seem to be pretty normal this morning. That is a huge relief to me. I want to ride soooooooooooooooooooo bad. It is still too icey though except on the road and I don't like riding on the road.

Tomorrow Barbara of Serenity Room is drawing for her Valentine giveaway. Go and make a comment and you will be in her drawing.


  1. Strange dogs worry far more than coyotes. We are lucky and are pretty far from other people and their dogs. I've heard many times about a dog killing all of some ones flock.

    Our cattle will let coyotes hunt mice in the meadow right next to their calves, but if a strange dog comes along they will chase it off.

    I hope the dogs owners pay you for the hens.
    If you hadn't have gone out they'd have killed them all.

  2. Lea--I've lived long enough to know it's TRUE that trouble comes in bunches. You'll have long patches of nothing, then it comes all at once. I'm learning to really appreciate the good times since I know they won't last forever. You've probably heard my favorite saying, "I won't look for sorrow in a world where sorrow finds me on its own. But you could substitute trouble for sorrow--and that would fit just right, too. I hope your troubles are over for a while!

  3. I'm so sorry to hear about your chickens being killed by dogs. Someone was right, though...bad luck DOES seem to come all at once. Maybe you are done with it now?

  4. I told Tyler about Lucky and he say aaaaaaaaaah thats my girl! LOL A hen - Who knew!
    Sorry about the flock.

  5. Remember when we were little kids and OUR OWN dogs killed mose of the chickens while we were gone? It was a pen of carnage!! and Grandma was so mad. She threatened to tie a dead chicken around Peggy's neck, she said that would break her. Now that's a visual!

  6. Thanks everyone. Nikki, tell Tyler that it was Shannon's dogs. He will know them. They will pay for the chickens. Good neighbors who were as upset almost as I was. They had to pay a large fine from Animal Control. Today was a good day so hope the black cloud has lifted. Yes Linda that is a good saying.