Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Well after a night of watching the horses. Dixie in particular gasping, they all made it thru the night. Pepper was pretty much himself by midnight, Dixie started her turn around about 7 or so this morning, Ditto later this afternoon and Rusty still had not eaten at 5 but was up and moving around. She got another dose of Banamine.

Dr. Porter called about 4:30 today with the blood work results. Nothing in particular showed up. We are quite sure there was something poisenous in the bale of hay that got fed yesterday morning. They could not pin point it though. If she had not tubed the 2 mares they would probably have died. That flushed their systems and got it out before anymore got absorbed. So this evening they got some grain and a little hay that we knew was OK. Tomorrow we start them back on regular diet and watch them like hawks. The three in the barn will get to go out tomorrow though. Dixie and Pepper wanted to today.

If Rusty is not chipper tomorrow she will have to come and due some more checking. I am sure she will be though. For a barely gentled mustang she was wonderful about shots and all that the vet did last night.

We had fed about 2 tons of the very same hay and this one bale was bad. It makes us leary. We have bought hay from the same guy from the same fields for the past 6 or 8 years. Cannot imagine.

Anyway we all survived. I got very little sleep, Bob got less and bed will be very welcome tonight.

Today is our oldest son's birthday. We almost forgot to call him. Bless his heart.

This is the last week of Serenity Room blog give away. Its a great give away. Worth looking at.

Thanks everyone for your concern.


  1. I'm glad everyone is looking better. Good for Rusty behaving for the vet. She must have been feeling really bad and knew she was being helped.

  2. That is too bad that the vet can't pinpoint it. --Toxicity, to cause that severe a reaction in all four, you'd think would show up in blood work. But they're okay now. That is GREAT news!!!

  3. I'm so happy to hear things are going good and I'll pray that all is even better tomorrow. Blessings.

  4. I'm so glad they're okay. I worried about you a lot yesterday.

    Do you think something could have been in just one bale? We've had snakes baled into ours and rotted (gross) or maybe a bad weed. Could it have been in the grain? I know of someone in Oklahoma who had several sick horses and lost one last week from tainted feed.

    Whatever it was, I'm glad they're feeling better. How scary.

  5. thanks guys, you are the best. Yes, the vet thought it was a poinoness weed of some kind or something sprayed.