Saturday, February 7, 2009


When my telephone does not work, I don't have a computer because I have dial up. Sorry but thats how it is. Last night when I sat down here I discovered I could not get on line and when I went and checked we had no telephone either. That happens when it gets really wet.

This morning bright and early we went out to Centerplace to McKinley Equine customer appreciation day. A vet talked first about composting manure, shavings ect. into horse bedding. That sounds interesting. Bob is going to look into it. Each horse generates an incredible amout of manure in a year. I think 10,000# per horse. She also advises feeding your horses every 2 hrs. Not happening here. She recomends automatic feeders but they are pretty spendy. She writes books now about horse management

Also Dr. Bob Peters spoke about dentistry in horses and I learned ALOT. He was very entertaining as well as informative. He talked about a horse with a mishapen tooth that grew wide as well as outward and the baby tooth was still under it. He had to open her jaw and use a chisel and a mallet to remove the tooth. It sounded alwful but the poor horse had been in pain when she went to the trainer and of course that did not go well. He has to do some more surgery on her mouth soon. He had pictures and exrays.

Then we broke up into groups, One on emergency treatment till the vet gets there - one on colic, one on shots and one with the purina rep about feeding. It was interesting and informative. I did not get to the one on shots but did the other 3. Time ran out.

We had a nice light lunch/brunch type refreshments, all coffee and water you wanted. Lots of door prizes but we didn't win any. It was a good day. We stopped at Big R for some Sr. Allegra and some dog food and we ended up with some other things. Who can go to Big R and only get just what you went for?

Yesterday I went to a baby shower for the mother of our soon to be 4th. great grandchild. If the ultra sound is incorrect and this is a boy instead of a girl, he will look pretty in pink or she will have to return alot of things. Baby is due about the 20th. Like most first time mama's she thinks the baby will come early but its not usually what happens. It was good to see our grandson Robby. It has been a really long time and that has made me sad. He is the son of our son who died 6 years ago the 16th. of this month. Today would have been his 48th. birthday. We miss you Scotty.

Barbara at the Serenity room is giving away a book. I didn't win the Valentines Day prize, but I would like to win the book. Here's my entry Barbara. You are so generous.

I made reservations in Albany for the Horse Expo. I hope Cathy Johnson can go with me but if not, me and myself will go. I am excited. Not only to watch the Extreme Mustang Makeover but Craig Cameron and the Extreme Trail Challenge. Plus all the vendors and all the other clinicians. I am leaving March 19th. and coming home the 22nd. Its my exchange for not getting to go to Mississippi this year. No way can we afford that. So I am sad about that but glad for going to Albany.

See you tomorrow, God willing.

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